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LUCID 3-inch is a mattress topper which is made out of ventilated and gel-infused memory foam. This is undoubtedly amongst the most formidable options on the market and one which offers a splendid price to quality ratio.

The additional ventilation brought to you by a unique memory foam formula that is soft, yet incredibly responsive and airy. This produces a range of different perks on the table. You will be able to enjoy enhanced airflow which makes for a flawless sleeping climate. Additionally, you can rest assured that the topper will snuggly fit your contours without actually making you feel trapped.

The plush gel is infused with memory foam. That is going to help regulate the temperature. It provides warmness during the winter and coolness during the summer heat.

If you’re looking for a solution to revitalizing your old mattress and you don’t feel like investing a small fortune, this is the topper that you’ve been looking for. It’s an affordable and convenient alternative which would bring a tremendous amount of value.

Right off the bat, this is a 2-inches thick memory foam mattress topper which is infused with regulating gel. The primary intention behind the infusion is to prevent overheating and to deliver splendid temperature control.

This material is also going to distribute your weight splendidly to conform to the natural curves of your body and to alleviate the pressure points conveniently. With this in mind, if you are suffering from pain in the areas of your lower back, hips or shoulders, this is a great solution to consider.











This is an extra-firm conventional foam mattress topper which has one particular intention and main designation: to make overly softer mattresses supportive and healthy. The entire thing is made out of urethane foam which is the only material in the solution.

It is designed to be spot cleaned with a damp cloth as well as a mild soap of any kind. This simplifies the maintenance and cares tremendously.

On the other hand, the solution is designed to deliver an additional level of comfort and enhanced support to your sofa bed or mattress. This is mainly thanks to the 1-4/9 pounds of density per a single cubic foot.

This is a specific solution which is designed to provide you with splendid comfort thanks to the memory foam which is conforming to your body perfectly.

The entire thing is made responsibly with an active suspension which reduces motion isolation. The result is a calm and relaxed sleeping sensation, regardless of how intense your sleeping partner is. It’s guaranteed that the product would ensure that there is absolutely no disruption in this particular regard for your sleeping partner.

The product also comes with a convenient mesh cover which is made out of polyester, and it is zippered to provide proper casing and deeper night sleep. This is something quite convenient and it adds more value to your purchase.






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